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Support provided to new businesses that are struggling to start and grow.

Most new business struggle to start due to a lack of support, be it funding, knowledge or infrastructure. The only option left to many start up entrepreneurs is to boot strap their business. You can find out more about boot strapping in this article. Boot strapping is difficult, but we hopefully have some solutions to make it a bit easier for you.

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The six main areas of a business where most start ups need help are:

  1. Finance and funding. If done properly boot strapping does not need funding in most cases, but there are always exceptions and any funding can also speed up the growth of your business.
  2. Accounting and book keeping. This is where you keep records of your sales, expenses and profits. You need this to invoice customers, track payments, pay bills and pay taxes.
  3. General business administration. This includes registering companies, taking orders, quoting customers, brochures, paying and dealing with staff, handling queries and placing orders with suppliers.
  4. Sales. This is finding customers and convincing them to buy your product or service.
  5. Production. If you have a product this is where you make it and package it. If you have a service its how you provide the service.
  6. Logistics. This is where you keep stock of your product and how you supply the product to your customer.

There are many other aspects to running a business but most can be categorised under one of the above six sections and frequently only become necessary once the business begins to grow. So for most start ups they only need to worry about these six areas in order to start their business.

How we can help with boot strapping your business.

Start up entrepreneurs need funding, business services, infrastructure and help with business processes. In the existing business world there are companies with services and infrastructure that are under utilised and who understand business processes. What we do is match these two needs.

Entrepreneurs and new business owners.

We have a collection of existing businesses (database) who are able to offer business services to new start ups at no up front cost or monthly fee. Instead they only take a commission on any sales you make. So for example a company with extra storage space can let you store your product in a room and you now have a base where customers can collect orders too. You do not have to pay rent, they only take a commission from each sale you make. Examples of this process can be found here.


What you needWhat we can offer
FundingWe don’t offer much in the way of funding because business start ups are very risky. But we do help by offering the other services below which will help reduce or even eliminate any requirement for start up funding if you are boot strapping your business. There are a few investors on our books who might invest in new businesses, but these are quite rare.
AccountsWe have existing businesses who already have book keepers and accounting software. They can use their spare time to do your accounts for you and you only pay them a cut when you make sales. They would do things like make invoices for you, prepare statements for your customers, check that customers have paid for their orders and give you profit and loss reports.
AdminThere are companies who have staff who are not busy all the time. They can use this time to take orders from your customers,prepare quotes, answer simple customer questions, purchase stock for you from your suppliers and pay your suppliers.
SalesThis function is pretty much the responsibility of the business owner, at least in the beginning. Sales can be very time consuming and so finding someone to make the first sales for an untested product or company is unlikely. Once you have a bit of a track record you should be able to hook up with sales persons who work only on a commission basis.
ProductionMany factories are currently working below capacity. So if you need someone to do some simple assembly or repackaging, then we have companies who will do this for you and will do so for a cut of the sales only. If however you provide a service that requires specialised skills, then you will have to either do that yourself or pay someone to do it for you.
LogisticsThis is the storage of stock (warehousing) so that it is ready when your customers order. It is also providing a place from which your customers can collect orders should they choose to do so. In addition they can organise deliveries for your orders.

To see if we can help your business get started, please go to this page where you can provide us with more information so that we can then try and match you up with someone that can help. There is no charge for this match making and there is no obligation to use any of the companies we match you with. Try it out, you might like the solution.

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If you would like some examples of how this service works, take a look at this page.

If you are an existing business owner who has spare space or staff capacity, and would like to try and utilise that unused resource, then please take a look at this page.