Small Business Support Incubator

A business incubator is a company that takes new businesses and helps them start and grow. They can provide services such as premises, business advisers, technical support, marketing and finance. They tend to look for businesses which have a good chance of being successful and often have to have original products or services.

A business support incubator is similar as it also helps new businesses start and grow, but there is much simpler support. There is no need to have brilliant, original ideas. Most normal business ideas and new businesses can work in a support incubator. The focus is instead on a low cost start up.

The Small Business Owner Network has chosen some of our more established business providers from our members area and together offer new entrepreneurs the chance to start their businesses with some basic support that all businesses need.

Please note that we do not provide any of the services below. They are supplied by other businesses who you can evaluate before signing up if you want to try out the offers.

Basic Business Setup Plan

For someone wanting to have everything setup and ready so they can start trading. Your basic business is setup for you and includes:

  • Company registration with you as the owner
  • Guidance with registering with SARS for VAT and income tax.
  • Guidance for setting up bank accounts.
  • Website, web hosting and email setup.
  • Voip telephones and numbers setup.
  • Accounting software setup and ready to use.

Standard Business Setup Plan

For when the basic plan is not enough and you need some extra options.

  • Everything in the basic plan plus:
  • Online store
  • Payment gateway setup so your store can receive online payments.
  • CRM software setup and ready to use
  • Project management software setup and ready to use

Advanced Business Setup Plan

  • Everything in the standard plan with the option of adding some extra services such as:
  • Delivery service
  • Warehousing or stock storage.
  • Order packing and dispatch (collections or deliveries)
  • Internal order functions (queries / quotes / pro formas / receiving customer orders / invoicing)
  • Book keeping services (recording of accounts)
  • Business administration services (Government returns / filing / record keeping )

Business Manager Plan

A business manager can be appointed to run your business for you. Usually the intention is to train other staff in their various roles so that the business manager is eventually no longer required.

Quick and easy start up plan

Be ready to trade in your new business within a few days . You become part of a bigger corporate and yet maintain control and effective ownership of your business. Did we mention that this can be started for free? Without paying a cent or even making your first sale, this plan allows you to:

  • Be able to start trading as a division of a company.
  • Have an existing VAT number and import/export number.
  • A web page with your business product or service.
  • Company email address.

The moment your first sales payments start coming in you have:

  • Accounting software up and ready to use.
  • CRM software up and ready to use.
  • Project and To Do list software up and ready to use.
  • Contact telephone numbers