Quick and easy managed plan

A quick and easy service to get your business idea turned into an actual business as simply and quickly as possible – and within your minimal budget.

If you have a product (or service) you want to sell and make a business out of selling it, then this plan gives you a quick and easy way to get started. Within a few days your customers could see:

  • Your product information on the internet on a dedicated page.
  • You as part of an established company with a registration and VAT number.
  • Registered business address in Johannesburg.
  • Personalised email address for you.
  • Dedicated sales email address, with staff ready to handle orders.
  • Staff on standby to action orders by packing, invoicing and delivering your product.
  • Payment mechanisms set up and in place, ready for customers to buy your product.

Oh and most importantly you will not have had to pay anything for the above. Not a cent.

Once you start making sales and your customers start buying, the following happens:

  • Your business orders are received by our sales team.
  • The orders are packed and prepared for either collections or for delivery.
  • The orders are invoiced and payments received from your customers.
  • The orders are delivered to your customers.
  • The payment from your customer is split between you and your new business team.

Note that you have still not had to pay anything from your own pocket for this service. The cost of all this work is paid as a type of commission from any sales that happen.

In addition note that you have not had to deal with any Government bureaucrats or banks or, well anything other than your product.

Once your sales hit a certain level, you can increase the business services you use. For example:

  • Online web store.
  • Multiple web pages for SEO.
  • Online marketing.
  • Business errand service (dropping off samples, collecting documents, etc)
  • Simple light manufacturing tasks, such as assembly, repacking, cutting to size, etc.
  • Dedicated phone numbers manned by general or sales staff.
  • Import / Export services.

In all this time, the business is largely your to control. You decide who the customers are, how the supply will happen, pricing, new products. Basically you are the boss, the CEO, the whatever you want to call yourself of you business.

Once your business has grown significantly you can look at graduating to:

  • Dedicated staff
  • Dedicated business premises
  • Registering your own company, VAT details, taxes and bank accounts.
  • Dedicated business equipment.

Funding for the above will be much easier now as you have a business track record with sales and profits. You are now no longer a new business owner, but rather an established business owner.