What does it cost to be a member of the small business owner network?

There are currently no costs to being a member. All information on the website is free to use.

How can we get hold of you?

As this is a volunteer website, there are no staff or physical premises. If however you feel it necessary to get hold of us, please use email: info@smallbusinessowner.co.za which will go to one of our webmasters.

How do I get listed on your website so that I can find the business services and help I need?

From our home page you can follow the link to the “members information” page which will give you more information on membership. To sign up go to our register page.

I have a business and I want to advertise my services to new businesses. How do I list my services on your website?

We do not carry advertisements on our main pages and we will not spam our entrepreneur members with service ads. In any event you are wasting your time with the normal model. Most new business owners do not have spare cash available. If however you want to partner with a new business owner and receive payment for your services as a commission on their future sales, then please sign up at our register page. More information can be found on our members information page.