Entrepreneur submit information page

On this page you can submit your information on what help you need with getting your business started. For more information on what this service is about and can offer you please look at the support services page.

If you need some detailed examples of how it might work for you please take a look at this page.

If you are already running a business and have spare capacity on offer please go to this submission page to provide your information.

None of the parts of of the form are essential. You simply let us know as much information about your business and your needs as you are comfortable in providing. Obviously the more information you provide the better we should be able to match you with a business that can help you out. You are also welcome to submit your information in your own words or in the form of a business plan if you already have one. This can be done when we contact you by email after your form submission and you can then reply back with any further documents you feel are necessary.

Please fill in and submit the below form so that we can try and find someone who can help you start and run your business. There is no charge, there is no obligation and you can remain as anonymous as you want.

Give us an idea of what your business will do.
You can choose more than area.
Referring to the above areas you said you needed help in, using your own words, try and explain what help you need.