Should I register a company for my business?

Reasons not to register a company for my business Previously we discussed the difference between a business and a company. Now its time to decide whether your business should run using a company structure or whether to keep it simple as a sole proprietor. When we use the fancy term “sole proprietor” we simply mean Read More

Six reasons to start a business

Why should you start a business? Just in case you still need convincing that its a good idea to start your business, here are some really good reasons: One: The feeling of achievement and a legacy. The feeling of having achieved something and leaving a legacy is often excluded from most lists on this subject Read More

Lets get your small business started

Its been over 12 years since the Small Business Owner Network first published its website. Well now its time for a little upgrade. We’re keeping our older content on starting a small business in South Africa and that can all be linked to from our main home page or using this “old site” link. Now Read More