About us

About the Small Business Owner network (South Africa)

This Small Business Owner network (SBON) website has been around since about 2003 when it was originally uploaded using nothing more that a word processor and an FTP program. The intention was always to provide basic and simple to understand information on starting a business in South Africa. Contributions for design and content were done on a voluntary and ad hoc basis by a few interested individuals.

The website has evolved a little over time and this latest incarnation is here to help bring together business people, entrepreneurs and us simple folk with dreams. As a team, it is hoped that we can turn these business ideas into a reality that benefits everyone, rather than leaving the ideas languishing in dream land.

SBON is not a company and there is never any need for you to pay us. The only service we provide is the information found on this website which we try to ensure is reliable. This service comes at no cost to you and the website is partially supported by a little advertising revenue.

We unfortunately do not have the staff or resources to answer individual questions, but if you feel there are errors in our content or you need to get hold of our webmaster for any other similar reason, please use info@smallbusinessowner.co.za

We hope that this website is the catalyst that sparks your new business venture in South Africa. Don’t forget us when you are rich and famous.

Best of luck,

The SBON team.