Lets get your small business started

Its been over 12 years since the Small Business Owner Network first published its website. Well now its time for a little upgrade. We’re keeping our older content on starting a small business in South Africa and that can all be linked to from our main home page or using this “old site” link.

Now however its time to step things up a bit. Up until now we have given readers basic information on how to start a business in South Africa and some of the things to look out for. However its an extremely broad topic and most readers seem to find the sheer volume of information on the internet about starting a business, simply too much. They just don’t know where to start.

So we are now promoting a service that is intended to help entrepreneurs and others who simply want to have their own business, to start their business without having to figure out all the nonsense, bureaucracy, admin hassles and legal hurdles. If you have a business idea that you think might just work, then we invite you to have a chat with us and to check out  the various ways in which we can become your business partner and get your dream business started.